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Every parent has the potential for a healthier and more positive relationship with their children. Let me help you get there! This investment is for both you and your children.

Why This Course Is Different...

Get answers and an action plan

This course guides you through a discovery process.  First, we'll examine what's currently going on in your household and possible reasons why there's frustration, tantrums, routine struggles, non-compliance, etc.  Then we'll equip you with actionable steps you can take to both increase appropriate behaviors and decrease those unwanted behaviors.  The course culminates with learning Mike's unique RIGHT Approach method. It will change both YOU and YOUR child for the Better!
What You Can Expect:
  • Benefit: Immediate access and instant actionable steps to take within your family
  • Results: Take back the control of your household in a loving, positive, and purposeful way.
  • Unique Course: There's no other Parenting Course out there like this...  There's no fluff "Be present, listen to your child..."  Only practical, effective, and positive strategies that get results.
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“This parenting course was one of the most helpful classes I have ever taken on parenting."

What You’ll Learn

Ever felt like you’re wingin‘ it as a parent? If so, your child has probably sensed this and has virtually taken over control of the household. If this sounds familiar, this course is for you. We help parents build positive, constructive relationships with their children. You’ll discover that when you become more purposeful with your interactions, it gives you the calmness and confidence to develop and deploy your parenting skills.
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

See What Other Parents Have Said About Their Experience In The Purposeful Parenting Course
“This parenting course was one of the most helpful classes I have ever taken on parenting. Mike handed out a card with the main points at the end of the class and I put it on my fridge. Whenever I am having a hard week in parenting I go back to my fridge, re-read the card and feel like I have hands-on tools to walk through those moments with my kids. We loved being able to throw out scenarios to Mike and get very practical tips on how to problem solve difficult moments. We have put his suggestions to work in our home and with consistency it works! I would definitely recommend this class to any parent.” 


Arrow Preparatory Academy
Edmonds, Washington
"Having a deeper understanding of behavior is always helpful for all teachers and parents as we connect with our students and children. Mike does a great job in teaching what motivates behaviors in different situations for children. He also gives us practical tools to help communicate to children to stop negative behaviors and encourage positive behaviors. All our teachers agree that Mike's insights have helped them in little and big ways in their classrooms. Not only are Mike's sessions informative, but they are fun too! We highly recommend his training for parents and educators!"


Assistant Head of School
UCIC School
Bothell, Washington
“The more I experience and understand the corporate life, the more I appreciate your work with children and their families. Much of the struggle leaders face in the corporate environment comes from an unappropriated way their bad or good behavior was managed when they were a child. I'm fortunate to learn from you and so are my both kids!!!” 


Father of Two
“Mike's Parenting Program was perfect for our family. We were able to leverage a lot of new skills he taught us and get personalized attention to our families unique parenting challenges. After 3 failed attempts with sleep consultants, Mike was able to coach us to help. our 3. year old sleep through the night in his own bed. We are all a happier family because of Mike's program!”


Seattle, WA
Mom of Two
“Through this program, I saw how my behaviors and reactions impacted my daughter's behavior. Mike taught us very simple, easy to implement techniques that helped me catch myself before reacting and help my daughter with more appropriate behaviors. I was able to implement these techniques immediately and saw almost instant changes in her behavior and our interactions. My stress has decreased, my daughter has learned new skills to express herself and our relationship is getting stronger because of simple changes. We have more work to do, but with consistency we are set up for success.” 


Mom of One

It's Never Too Late

Your Kids Will Thank You Someday!

Put a Stop to Those Expolosive Problem Behaviors And Create The Healthier And More Positive Relationship You Family Deserves

From Mike Wallach

Creator of Purposeful Parenting

Thanks for taking a few moments to review our online parenting course.
I am Mike Wallach, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and founder of Starfish Parenting. I love working with children and helping them reach their potential through positive reinforcement and I’ve been blessed to be able to pursue my passion professionally for more than 15 years.

I grew up in a small town in Indiana. After college, I joined the AmeriCorps volunteer program, City Year, and worked with children in a school setting.

After two years of AmeriCorps service, I went on to earn my master’s degree in education from the University of Notre Dame. Through my master’s program, I taught third grade at San Xavier Mission School on the Tohono O’odham Reservation in Tucson, Arizona.

I was introduced to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) through a friend in 2010 and received a Graduate Certificate from Northern Arizona University in Positive Behavior Support and became a BCBA in early 2014.

I live in Edmonds, Washington with my wife Rachel and our four children. We love traveling and introducing our children to new things.


Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the course, just let us know and we will refund your money – no questions asked.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this be applicable to my kid?
You bet! This course is for parents of young children ages 1-6. The concepts and strategies taught are applicable to the worst kid you can imagine as well as a perfect angel child.
When will I see results?
We’ve seen families enjoy positive results within the first week! With most of the strategies, your kid will pick them up right away, but only with consistency will both your behavior and your child’s behavior change. We suggest you keep a journal throughout our sessions and well after the course to track your own progress along with your child’s increased positive behavior.
What is this parenting course based on?
Mike’s teachings come primarily from the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. He discovered that the same strategies he was using with children with special needs at work also helped him navigate his own challenges with his kids at home. This inspired Mike to develop a workshop for parents to learn these highly effective and positive techniques to use with their own children.
I’ve tried everything with my kid, how will this be any different?
First, this course is designed to provide you with a foundational understanding of your child and what’s currently going on in your relationship. It will open your eyes to things you may unknowingly do that are fraying your relationship with your child. Second, the course gives you specific and practical tools to better meet your child’s needs. The strategies are introduced with examples and rationale to show how they can be used in many different situations. The foundational understanding alone may cause changes in your own behavior, but when this information is paired with our positive strategies, you then have the tools necessary to build a stronger relationship with your children while developing their independence, social skills, cooperativeness, etc.
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